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    Helix V2 Side Markers

    We just got in the new Helix Version 2 Sidemarkers for the 86/FRS/BRZ Platform. These will fit all models of the car from when the car was release until current models.  These are a Smoke Side Marker with a built in LED that has a really nice effect, but we will let you decide. We installed a set of these on our Shop 2017 BRZ.

    Watch the Video below for tips and trick on the install, The socket has to be pushed down in the bumper well area.

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    Helix side markers  2018-06-06 15.32.35 2018-06-06 15.34.33 2018-06-06 15.34.50 2018-06-06 15.35.04 2018-06-06 15.35.45 2018-06-06 15.36.22



    Link to Purchase

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