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    MST Performance

    MST Performance has been producing high-quality products for the auto-industry since 2011. They continue to push the limits in the design and construction of efficient intake systems and accessories, developing their products for all automotive enthusiasts using innovative ideas and rigorous testing. From prototype to final released product their intake systems and accessories are constantly being dyno tested and road tested alike to maximize efficiency, durability, and performance. Their philosophy is that by creating the highest power gains in the whole RPM range we can enhance the driving experience to a new parallel rather than simply seeking maximum horsepower at the highest levels of RPM. At MST Performance, you will have a holistic user experience. MST stays focused on its strengths by providing innovative products that are constantly at the forefront of the market, valuing the opportunity to expand and bring new product offerings but we still remain on providing our primary product without sacrificing quality and customer service.

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    BW-B5805H MST Supra Turbo Silicon inlet

    MST Supra SILICONE Inlet for Intake - GR Supra 20+ V2

    This is the new Silicone Turbo inlet
    Picture of MST Toyota GR86/ Subaru BRZ Intake System
    Picture of MST Replacement Intake Filter
    2019-2022 Supra B48 2.0L / BMW Z4 Cold Air Intake System (TY-SUP03L)
    Picture of MST Clear Intake Cover

    MST Clear Intake Cover

    Clear intake lid for the MST GR supra intake
    MST Supra intake W/ updated Silicone Turbo inlet pipe

    MST V2 Cold Air Intake System-GR Supra 20+

    Picture of MST Cold Air Intake System - WRX STI 15+
    Picture of MST Cold Air Intake System - Corolla HB 19-20
    Picture of MST Cold Air Intake System - GR Supra 20+

    MST Cold Air Intake System - GR Supra 20+

    This is the short version and uses the Factory INLET TUBE.