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    Importance of Great Service

    10 Jul 2020

    With time comes change, especially in this pandemic, with unknown variables that may occur in the future. What will not change is our effort to provide every single one of our customers great customer service. Throughout the past few months, we have experienced an increase in the number of daily inquiries with our team making sure that every customer experience ends the same way; happy and feeling reassured.


    With the increase of volume going out to our customers we are making sure to provide everyone accurate ETAs and lead times on all products that we provide. We understand the frustration of waiting on products, and we want to provide customers the most up to date information so that no one is left questioning when they will finally receive their orders. We are fulfilling orders every day making sure everyone gets quick tracking and accurate lead times on items that may be out of stock.


    Our Sales/Techincal Team is also working hard to provide customers with real recommendations and solutions for each individual's needs. Have a question or need a recommendation for parts? Have a question for any fitment or technical issues? Give our Sales/Technical team a shout and they'll be more than happy to help.


    The Speed Industry/86 Speed team is always here to help answer any questions that any customer may have. We're glad to provide customers quick responses and real feedback on all products that we provide.


    Stay Safe,

    Speed Industry / 86 Speed Team