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    KW Suspension Install on the A90 MKV Supra

    Here are a few photos of the car lowered, We installed the KW V3 (link here)


    We wanted to dig right in and get learning the suspension on this car so we can share our thoughts and make suggestions to you on if this is the right set up, more on that later as we are still putting miles on this suspension and we can only compare it to stock.  

    The car is lowered 1"  in the front and 1.25" in the rear. We still have about .5 inch of rake with this setup.  The dampening is set in the middle to just get a feel for the car 

    The installation was pretty straight forward. Remove and replace, You will need some new tools if you are used to normally working on Toyotas, The 2020 Supra will require a lot of 6 point star sockets throughout the entire car. 

    After the install we went straight over to the track guys favorite alignment guy, we wanted him to give us his opinion on the adjustability with the OEM set up since there are no parts out and confirmed to fit this chassis to adjust beyond factory specifications.